Frequently Asked Questions

What is

An organized place for safekeeping your conferring notes, tracking student interactions, conferences, goals, and next steps. Easily share the knowledge you gain about students with other users, colleagues, planning teams, and administrators.

I am a member of Do I automatically have access to

Yes and your login and data is the same as your CCPensieve account! ConferringNotebook is our updated version of CCPensieve. It has all of the same great features and benefits you love about the CCPensieve, with a streamlined new look, timesaving functionality, and mobile device responsiveness. CCPensieve will still be available for a limited time.

Why did you change the name to ConferringNotebook?

The new name more accurately reflects the website’s purpose, and makes it easier for teachers to discover the online conferring notebook. The new look and functions will help you save time and energy when entering your students data and printing reports.

I am a member of Do I automatically have access to

Members of are offered a special savings to subscribe to Find out more here.

Do I have access to the resources on the Interactive CAFE Menu on if I subscribe to

Subscribers to have access to view the Interactive CAFE Menu. All-Access Plus members [The Daily CAFE + Conferring Notebook] are able to click on any strategy and they will be linked to an unlimited number of resources to support that strategy. Entry-level members of will have access to three resources per month. The All-Access Plus membership is a great deal. Find out more.

Can I confer on my mobile device or tablet?

Yes! is completely mobile responsive.

Can I share student data with another teacher?

Yes. You can share a student(s) in your class with any other teacher who confers with that student and has a Conferring Notebook Premium account. Once notes from a conference are saved, they become available for all other teachers who share the student.

Where is the Emergent CAFE Menu?

Learn about that here.

I forgot my password. Can you give it to me?

Yes! Enter your membership email on this page, and we will send it to you.

Is there a limit on the number of students I can share with another teacher?

No, you can share as many students with another teach as you like!

Why do only certain subjects show up on my Keeping Track and student/group pages?

Subject tabs only appear as sessions are added for that subject. If you cannot see a Math tab on your keeping track, it is because you have not added any math sessions. This is because we want to keep a simple look for you and don't want to display a subject that you've never used.

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